The vision is to work with sparkling and innovative projects that makes impact everyday.


Today as a Digital Marketing Consultant at iProspect executing data-based decision making strategies to drive business performance.

Calavera Studios is my own company were I let my artistic skills in photography, filmmaking, music production and design evolve.

I am a Social chameleon with a broad set of Skills from video-editing to coding and a huge interest in entrepreneurship and technology.

Earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and System Science with specialization in Market Communication and Information Technology with a thesis in IoT how smart environments affect consumers.

With a love to try and learn new things; I participate to a lot of meet-ups, seminares and harvests the internet for knowledge especially through online educations. Always seeking for new challenges and opportunities to sharpen my scope, broaden my portfolio and network for collaborations.

Time not important only life important.


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